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  Legacy Reptiles is greatly indebted to a number of individuals whose expertise and assistance have been instrumental in the completion of this website. A special thanks goes to Jonathan Brady for helping with the photo editing of this website.

Adam Chesla
Amer Baghdadi – FloridaRedTails
Barry Miller – Miller Reptiles
Bob Futo
Bob Harding
Chris Gilbert
Chris MacQuade – Gulf Coast Reptiles
Dan Mulleary – DM Exotics
Dennis Sargent
Earth’s Exotics
Ernie Eison – Westwood Acres Reptile Farms
Eugene Bessette – Ophiological Services, Inc.
Exotic Reptile Jungle, FL
Gary Baer
Gus Rentfro – Rio Bravo Reptiles
Hans Winner – H.J. Winner’s
Jack Dyer
Jared Horenstein
Jeff Carr – West Coast Constrictors
Joe Messenbaugh
Joe Rollo
Joe Terry
Joel Thomas
John J.
Kevin Barnett
Mark Bell
Mark Damico
Matt Blast
Matt Jablonski
Mike Weitzman – Basically Boas
Peter Bandre – Incredible Pets, FL
Rich Del Bono – Davinci Reptiles
Rich Ihle – Salmon Boas
Richard Ceniceros
Rob Tudehope
Ron Greenberg – Ron’s Reptiles
Shawn Gilbert
Steve Hammond
Tom Crutchfield
Vin Russo (Cutting Edge Herpetological Inc.)
Will Leary – Reptilicus

Boa Collage
  Venezuelan Redtail Boa
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